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Ir. Sukarno is President Indonesian the first served in the 1945-1966 period. He played an important role to liberate the nation of Indonesia from Dutch colonialism. It is the excavator of Pancasila. He is Proklamator Independence Day (along with Mohammad Hatta), which occurred on 17 August 1945. He issued the injunction on March 11 of 1966 (Supersemar), which is controversial, it seems that, among other contents are assigned Lieutenant General Soeharto to secure and maintain influence. But the Supersemar misused by Lieutenant General Soeharto to point the way participate in the Soekarno mastermind Movement 30 September. Accusations that cause Meanwhile, the People's Consultative Assembly whose members have been replaced with pro-Soeharto, transfer the presidency to Soeharto. At the time of President Soeharto became so (New Order), a term that appears is called "De-Soekarnoisasi."

De-Soekarnoisasi is the policy taken by the New Order government under General Suharto to minimize the role and presence in the Soekarno from the history and memories of the Indonesian nation. Such steps are made between the other way to change the name given to the Soekarno in various places or buildings in Indonesia. For example, the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium was changed to Senayan Main Stadium, the city Soekarnopura (previously called Hollandia) renamed to Jayapura, and the Soekarno Peak was renamed to Puncak Jaya. In addition, during the Sukarno died, sought to to the of Stone Write, Bogor is not fulfilled by the government. Conversely, the Soekarno to the Brits, where both parents living with sister, mother Wardojo. The efforts of other, more fundamental made of the role of Sukarno in the cause and date of birth of Pancasila, which is then thought to be a national ideology on 1 June 1945. Nugroho Notosusanto, who is the official historians and the New Order is very close to the military, a figure that the main cause of Pancasila is not the "Bung Karno", but Mr. Mohammad Yamin, on 29 May 1945. This is the official opinion is always held during the New Order, and tried through the program by the P-4. How good is not ashamed and I did not thank the government at the time of the New Order, up-to do so.

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