There is no Title

I'm confused what else should be constrained in my post. continue to discuss political, I think it bored ... I try to another topic...

but I am even more confused ... what could be the title of this post ... ooow I remember ... I know at the beginning of business on the Internet from my friends he is "Abah Rafi" that have been successful every month to get money from the Internet ... I immediately attracted to the tracks. One time I run the business, and in fact it is true that the Internet can get the money drawing. Imagine ... for 1 week I can make money at $ 138. But unfortunately I'm too aggressive to the business, until finally I have no conscious violation of fatal .... and finally ... I am in short ... The program is "Google AdSense." Therefore, to all businesses on the Internet... I now recommend to the serious business on the internet, because I'm sure you do not want to lose the money you can from the Internet because of your carelessness.

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