Monitor Impact

Monitor Impact
Greenway will be the internet (NETers) Perhaps the day-to-day activities can not be separated from that computer. Generally, activities such as this is the concentration of exhaust. Duration is in front of the computer sometimes we make eye sore and tired. That is one of the effects of radiation monitors computer. It can damage our eyes. Factors that can affect the eye damage due to radiation monitors, including:
  1. Job duration: Too Old our eyes in front of the computer. Even the use of computers that exceed the time limit of three hours without pause can affect the eye damage.
  2. Distance eyes with a screen: The distance of view that is the most secure more than 50 cm.
  3. Many of the intensity of light: Lighting in the room also influence. It is very dangerous when we use the computer in the room in the dark compare with the lighting in the room that he adequate.
  4. Security screen: the security screen is to reduce the risk of eye damage due to monitor radiation.
Wow, how to anticipate it? while the blogger may be true not only in a day spent only three hours, it is certainly more ...

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