Barack Obama and Indonesia

For the people of Indonesia, the name Barack Obama is not foreign anymore in the ear, so when he pilpres forward in the U.S. recently made a lot of people are enthusiastic about the development, from seasoned politicians, company managers to fortune-broom street. Even when the first Bush era, as though the U.S. is the specter, ringleader, mastermind and a variety of inequity that occurred in the world and many people hate the U.S. Obama victory on 5 November 2008 is indeed a historical moment that may not forgotten because Obama to be elected U.S. president with black first, and also has a family background that comes from 3 continents.

If the views of its proximity to Indonesia, Obama is very close. How not, Obama is a step-sister mixture of Indonesia-US. He also had some primary schools for 4 years in Menteng, Jakarta. Obama is still not yet speak fluent Indonesian language. Hobbies play marbles or marbles, catch dragonfly with the children's village, and avidly watching Batman cartoons with colleagues in the SDN 01. Few additional Nostalgia between Obama and Indonesia. Obama has a brother named Lia lift alias Non-making. Now the name itself is a non-specific call to Baraka Obama. Baraka is a friend playing, sleeping friends, and friends eat Obama, even at that time Obama had the strike incoming class was not accompanied by Lia. Lia also had 3 months in Hawaii because Obama does not want to eat without.

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