The Importance of Action for Democracy

In the context of the community who then raise the role of the state and also appear position and the role of political society, democracy becomes one of the best choice as a system of government and the political process. In other words, democracy becomes a "regime" that is now in the most appropriate to bridge differences in the multiplicity of society "governed". This is because the human aspect of democracy and humanity.

This is what makes Urofsky (2001) states that democracy is something that heavy, even a form of governance is complex and difficult. Many of tension and antagonism will appear, and needed serious work, so that democracy can be achieved. Indeed, managing the differences is not light work. In the middle of various interests articulated that appears, must be a point of compromise that can be accepted by all owners of interest. Democracy into the various media to find the critical point polecat.

Through democracy, can also be avoided the occurrence of abuse and tyranny of power. Because of democracy, according to Sartori (Marijan, 1999), is "a system in which no one can choose HIMSELF, no one can more HIMSELF with the power to the role, Therefore, no one can arrogate to HIMSELF unconditional and unlimited power." Because democracy is designed for the liability. In addition, one of the benefits of democracy is a mechanism of control and people's participation in regular, open and through representatives. In the community, this is indeed the hope for the development of creativity in a more productive public.

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