Corruption Is Owned By We Are All ?

It is not easy to take a decision whether corruption is the property of the corruptor, or ours together. It is also not easy to measure the measure as "a system of disease" (structural), as "human disease", or "cultural illness" a community that is in the same system. He is very liquid, as if the powder is the average sow, like smoke or a fine not invisible, so it can not necessarily be concluded that corruption is the behavior of such anomaly or specific diseases that effect on some people, or whether he has the "infrastructure" culture that is bloody meat in a more holistic approach to the life of our community.

Blood meat so it can not only scale cultural or culture, so he can have a civilization. Especially when the material was agreed that corruption is one of the output of "small" from the basic spirit of corruption can also be found on the behavior of other manifestations, in the pattern of thinking, ways of view, how to understand, how to feel, even how to understand and implement the faith. Never stop asking us: the depth of human life, whether corruption is mental events, science events, events morals, faith events, or what?

If you are up to the complexity, we are in the stage, yelling "O People corruptor ..." we do not automatically own not corruptor. Humility or someone in control, the status of noble person in religious activities, the image of someone in the clean public images - not necessarily presuppose that the outside circle, network and system corrupt. Even our duty combat corruption, need to continuously self-vigilance to ensure that the various contexts and feel that the steps we are really free from corruption potential. Moreover, a number of external or internal fences are not always can we make on the steps we appear in the eyes of other people as "Cutting select."

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