Indonesia Travel 2007

Substitution waiting years to live a daily basis, and in time we have left a glance the year 2007, full of memories will always imprint in the hearts of every human being living in this country, beloved country Indonesia. However, memories, memories that left many bitter memories of a very heartbreaking and painful enough to remember. Many events that happen in this country during the year 2007. then there was not we try to reflect the way this country during the year 2007.
From the beginning of the year to almost close the year at the disaster the country is not stopping, from the sinking ship, earthquake, the threat of the mountain erupts, and the last floods in almost all areas of Indonesia and even causing a landslide that victims do not eat less.

Not only natural disasters that threaten human safety. Although disasters was not clear from the hands of ignorant people have hobbies create a new forest, will dispose of waste, yet again global warming is the result we felt (the shifts of weather that is not stabilized, natural disasters, which continuously). However slumped country is also caused because many officials the stodgy not steal people's money.

It not only to discover it. Still there are other, we try to see again, the fact that there are poor dinegri is only growing, has not caused much unemployment out in the sorsing done by the companies. Not only that, workers who come from overseas replace the local workforce as a result of the free market that will be in this country.

This is not done, there are still other. Try to see us again. You know that until now the policies that make people government can make in the not happen, do not believe? Now we proved:
  1. BHP Bill (Bill Law Education Agency), which began in Indonesia will be applied to the garrotte the poor, although the government will provide relief to poor people, but as usual, the requirements that will be submitted very serpentine.
  2. Until now the fate of labor stake. Until the second this they must work hard UMR Per Demand that the increase until now the only entrepreneur who benefited.
  3. The fate of migrant workers is also still concern, there are still many Indonesian workers outside the country to become victims of violence by employers that poor morale.
If we go all sure that there are still many in the corrections should be for several years SBY-Kalla government. It is true that all these need the good cooperation between the government with people when you want to change Indonesia for the better. However, whether correct government want to work with people? while this policy, which made the government far from fair to the people, especially poor people. Not only that, the government has still not sincere aspiration to accommodate the aspirations of the people-. So now who must try to correct them? Only the people only, or also the government? Try to check on your conscience.

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