When Indonesia Crying

Indonesia is indeed weeping. Round of the Indonesian nation and the people who poured ordinance in the People's Consultative Assembly (Act) No. XI/MPR/1998 Organization of the State Clean and Free KKN can not yet be fully reflected in the. In carrying out their duties, prosecutors felt too slow. IT such as public-dak wait to see the results of the verification yuridisnya KKN is not too easy.

Despite criticism from many in the pemberkasan, Attorney General Marzuki Darusman has completed its work for the investigation of cases Soeharto, and then submit to the court. Soeharto indeed become a symbol of law enforcement KKN cases. Some of the Bank Bali case was arrested, was judged even. Although one of them, Joko Tjandra Soegiarto released from legal claims.

Joko Tjandra may be a standard form. In each case related to the Bank Bali, he always wins the case. Whether it matters in the State Court (PN) South Jakarta (civil or criminal) or in the Court of the State Administration (PTUN) in Jakarta. In the South Jakarta district court, Joko never criticize the Bank Indonesia and Bank Bali, because money can not take advantage of the agreement cessie Rp 546 billion. In the decision by the council of judges Soenarto stated, Rp 546 billion is the right of PT Era viable Prima (EGP) or Joko. In any PTUN Joko win. In criminal cases, the Bank Bali corruption, the Chairman of the council of judges Soenarto which also handles civil suit concerning the ownership of funds of Rp 546 billion selanya the decision is stated not accept the allegations prosecutors. Soenarto it holds, the Bank Bali case is a civil case.

Joko out on the sidelines of the decision by prosecutors to be appealing to the high court, and the high court decision to cancel PN Jaksel. Main thing I held back and judge it instead of the learner-Soenarto to Soedarto. And, finally free Joko any longer. "We remain of the opinion that we proposed and criminal resistance on the sidelines of the decision. Until the end he decided the free return, then we are cooking is not called professional," said Attorney General Marzuki Darusman.

CONDITIONS This is unfortunate. "KKN" eradication is not only the duty of prosecution, but also among the court and also an advocate. If the prosecution has made the task prosecutors properly and professionally, but the fall in the hands of the judges, eradication of "KKN" binding regulations set by the public will not have any meaning whatsoever.

Said Irma Hutabarat (Chairman of the Domestic Project Consultant Establishment of Independent anti-corruption commission), should be law enforcement officers in the eradication of corruption has the determination and the same strategy. What happens now, the council of judges that exempt perpetrators of corruption learner-evasion, because prosecutors can not show proof of adequate. Prosecutors also quibble, the judge can not decide the appropriate sense of justice. "Actually, we already have the actual Act, which explicitly states, which must first be done in this era of reform is the eradication KKN," said Irma.

In this era of transition, that some cases of corruption "pass" in the hands of the judges. A, for example, cases related to Ricardo who Gelael, Tommy Soeharto, and Beddu Amang. If the New Order era, judges really are under the subordination of power, in the era of reform judges have the impression that the desire to have been separated himself from power. Very defendants can be free of corruption cases, as the expression of the judge to give the impression to the public that "I do not like the first."

This attitude is certainly not profitable, when the nation is intended KKN with the disease. Judges should not take refuge behind the independence and himself, to decide something that makes a community a sense of justice. Judges and advocates alike have a responsibility to combat KKN.

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