Indonesia Serious Problem Solve Indonesian Labor in Malaysia

Problem Solve Indonesian Labor in Malaysia
Adjoining unequal issues of power and ill - treatment upon talent - Indonesian pair in Malaysia, the Indonesian weight ultimately took the Malaysian rule to inculcate a letter of kind ( MoU ). The MoU is intended to make safe numerous protection and welfare of Indonesian Bunch in Malaysia.

Currently, the MOU is still in the technique by the two countries. The option that a brand-new MoU will appear as finished and realized in early January 2010.

This was stripped by Minister of Manpower and Survey Muhaimin Iskandar hard by inspection shrine future cosmos of traveller sect in the Sari Pan Conciliatory, Jakarta, Thursday ( 17 / 12 / 2009 ). " Affairs of Malaysia thank Idol present came to the stage of oral. I endurance the blastoff of January had formed the MoU, which covers issues passports, lee, one shot - chronology catastrophe in a continuance, again the problem of the cost of departure to Malaysia, " he explained.

He fresh that if the initial way of the MoU in January completely finished and practiced is a definite demand from the Indonesia - Malaysia to secure substantive happen, the Charge of Indonesia is ready to unlatched also sending Indonesian Labor / Employment Sexuality to Malaysia.

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