Statue Barack Obama

Statue Barack Obama
It's ironic with the statue of President of the United States in Indonesia, only because he had lived and went to school in Indonesia.
The question is, what the real purpose of the installation of the statue?
He's not a hero or a warrior of Indonesia, so what's to be proud of who he was to Indonesia?
only one of pride for Indonesia "He's never been to school in Indonesia, and now he became President of America." Too much if he was deified like this.
Indonesia crying... Hero / warrior Indonesia clearly has a big contribution to the people of Indonesia in the past would envy, they question "Why do not I just enshrined in the statue?"
My grandfather who was obviously never defend and fight for Indonesian independence was never memorialized in a statue, even recognized by the Indonesian people as a "National Hero" has never been.
indonesian hero
Misguided attitude...
If you see this statue, really sad, there is no treatment at all. And he is our National Warrior obvious contribution is very large for this nation.
Indonesia Crying... Where We Conscience? Open Eyes,,, Open Hearts,,, Do not just do regardless of the feelings of many. The main thing is the feelings of the warrior nation that still exists.

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