Rp 41 million missing money lost in facebook

LONDON - Facebook's popularity increasing by a handful of people used to take a chance, not least by the perpetrators.
Recently the Facebook account of a woman in a fraud Missourri used to dredge approximately 2500 pounds, or approximately Rp 41 million from her friends that.
Grace Parry, a woman from Missouri was first declared difficult to access Facebook account. Investigate a investigate, it Facebook account has been used by hackers. The problem arises when the hacker claims to admit as Grace and send some messages to colleagues Grace on Facebook.
The message states, that Grace and her husband were hampered business with the UK immigration and needed money for Rp41 million to get out of London. And Grace himself was in Missouri, United States.
Knowing this, Grace is not able to access your account immediately Facebook act quickly to warn his friends on Facebook. She borrowed her husband's account and spread the message to his friends to ignore messages coming from Facebook account. So that was launched Yahoonews, Thursday (3/9/2009).
But a friend of Grace 'consumed' by the message and give up his money stolen fraud. He sends money to the 'False Grace' on 26 August.
According to Jason Selzer, the police who handled this case, fraud via Facebook is being investigated police. He also reminded that all Facebook users change the password regularly to anticipate the recurrence of similar cases.

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