play texas holdem poker, my friend lost bike

play texas holdem poker
Last night when we were playing texas holdem poker at an internet cafe in the town of Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat. At about 03.00 AM we move our vehicles right in front of the gates of the internet cafes, and continue the game. suddenly at 03.50 pm, my friend planned to return to the place of boarding him, because this morning she was in college and there was discussion in class.

When he opened the gates of internet cafes around 03.55 pm, a sudden four motors that line the front porch of the gate is missing it's my friend. automatically he was shocked and immediately called my new fall asleep about 5 minutes, "Hir, I lost my bike" I was shocked and immediately stood with his eyes still sleepy. Direct me and my friend reported to the nearest police station, and describes events that we experienced. police who were stationed there after we explained what happened, they immediately went to the scene along with us.

After all this time the police are examining the scene, at about 07.30 pm they went home. and my new bed for 5 minutes, I immediately went on my sleep.

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