Indonesia public buildings in the country, according to the mutual aid should go

So far we have little information on the error it can do for our country, like Indonesia. Maybe it's time to feel and the mistakes we made in the past, what is harmful for us to decide.

That changed when we start no significant changes. We started with regular every day for the best possible result, we will try to make changes, if not the absence of these deficiencies are not resign. Maybe because we're still sleeping, and accepted by the state in our country.

We can not look at others and watch what happens to us will greatly assist in the agrarian reform should be changed. In fact, many times the country's leaders may be disappointed. But let us not forget that and should not, because everything can change!

As the government building in the same house, building a house outside the building just a short period of time, and to build country house for a long time, but needs to development process was the same in essence. Basic steps to start building the liquidation.

Yes, it is small, although it is difficult to change, and we are in the process of change and process changes to be made. We know that some people are lazy, stupid, and to leave forever. We have a passion for achieving this is lazy and stupid, and not always resolve the situation.

It is the duty of all citizens in nation-building, not just the government but where is everybody, and the State, the obligations should expect to give us a reason. What we do, we can change our lives.

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