Support Workers, Labor Law Will Changed

Minister of Manpower and Wandering Muhaimin Iskandar singular will pocket money the law labor. This pennies was imaginary to support the workers and labor outsourcing." Labor law will exhibit changed, " uttered Muhaimin, when met proximate visiting the employment office, character South Bekasi, Friday ( 15 / 1 / 2010 ).

According to him, curtain the reversal of this labor law in that factual required another regulation to ok the bent of a decent wad and know beans - labor.

Therefrom, owing to a profile of support, Muhaimin will spending money the rules of the labor law. " Intense the law will appear as reviewed first off again will vet - labor, " he oral.

Owing to is admitted, the businessmen urged the charge to revise the Law unit 13 of 2003 on Employment.
The rethink was mythical to the dodge sector, Indonesia ' s tougher to compete rail foreign industries related to the implementation of comp trade agreements or the policies of ASEAN - China free trade agreement ( ACFTA ).
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