Indonesia lagged far behind

And July 2007, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as provide direction in the presence of the researchers and invited the Assembly Hall of the National Research Council Building on his working visit in the area of Research Center for Science and Technology, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten. He said, in the field of research and technology, far behind Indonesia compared to other countries that used to be aligned, even in the back of Indonesia.

The President continued, "Let's change our paradigm. Do not do the job with that focus, that's all. Let us try to understand the complexity of the world with the power of reason and our capacity so that later there is innovation and further development of research and our technology."

But the reality now, Indonesia falling further behind.
Where is the point of all these problems? Though Indonesia has a wealth of "Extraordinary".

What's wrong with Indonesia?
The problem is only one (the Government and the Indonesian People). Too much time wasted just for a small problem exaggerated and take a long time and huge cost, but out there is still much more important work.

What's wrong with Indonesia?
Could there be the mastermind of all this that might want to destroy Indonesia? The problem is, people who become the target problem is a very important role and made a major contribution to Indonesia, such as the BJ Habiebie acclaim overseas as intelligence (as Indonesia did not need it, but instead developed countries Germany he was recruited for the development of the country). next Antasari Azhar is one which I think pretty successfully combating corruption (related homicides Nasrudin). Next Sri Mulyani is the person who received the award Asian Finance Minister of the Year from the Emerging Market, and Finance Minister Of The Year of the Euro Money. and many others.

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