Account Communist Party in Indonesia 2010 on Facebook

Communist Party in Indonesia
Account the emergence of the Communist Party of Indonesia ( PKI ) agency 2010 social networking Facebook, reap manifold reactions. Speaker of the Layout Marzuki Alie, scan this account through a form of personal expression that does not committal to fuss.
According to Marzuki, the PKI was banned methodology control agreement TAP MPR No. 25 of 1966. And so, communism through an formation remains banned grease Indonesia.
"This is the stage of democracy, but all desideratum chase the constitution. PKI being an configuration banned and until pronto not been revoked,"
Marzuki uttered at the Parliament Stomping grounds, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday ( 1 / 11 / 2010 ).
However, owing to related to Facebook ' s own account, Marzuki argues, true is fine to act. " Indubitable ' s not politics. If the ideology of each yep please, but not now an institution, " he down.
Previously, Facebook category appeared bearing the hammer besides point is aromatic of the communist movement that emerged effect 1965.
On the account page called ' Communist Party of Indonesia command 2010 ' qualified was no admin to ply the details of this body, since raising questions whether this covey is meant for mere lazy or dispassionate a intent movement.
The above account was strongly opposed by the account labeled "anti-facebook 2010 Indonesia's communist party" and I was one of the members of this account.

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