Hundreds of Heritage Objects on display

Hundreds of heritage collection on display command the parking specifically Cakraningrat Museum, Soekarno - Hatta Bangkalan way.Practical, layout involving dozens these respected collector, lovely individuals from several groups.

Spell the scene, proficient are several types of kris which well-known first attention from the lovers of heritage objects, among the collection of kris Bayu Nogo, Nogo and Ki Tunggal Panto. Kris respectively, is believed to posses advantages when used by the innkeeper.

" If this kris ( Ki Tunggal Panto ), contract generate a ruling man during womanliness. Plan, put sincere unbefitting a pillow, before sexual intercourse, " verbal A Hamit TN, one of the underivative high-priced collector Jakarta City, Monday ( 1 / 11 / 2010 ).

Hamit exhibiting approximately 20 things scarce, and has a kris that burden appear as imaginary to treat distinctive diseases, ranging from uric sharp to altitudinous geranium pressure. Onliest, he admitted acknowledged are certain requirements that duty mean done, before rush terminated screen the media treatment of the kris.

Unfortunately, the hot property collector who took factor power the ostentatiousness, including Hamit himself did not deign to sell the objects of the kris and pike. Instead, the visitors could isolated limited to regard, hold, besides asked about the benefits of these ancient treasures.

" This is condign for display unparalleled, not for sale. I myself again operate not need to sell heartfelt, " he oral.

Meanwhile, one of the heritage objects fanfare organizers, the Office of Tourism Bangkalan Hasan claimed the splendor being a forum to expose national specification, including connections plan to keep body ancestral heritage.

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