Demonstrators went to the KPK, the great Attorney General, and Police Headquarters

Demonstrators went to the KPK
The surface of the capital, Friday ( 8 / 1 / 2010 ), will rang three rallies. The road users should stare for choice ways to avoid locations location demonstrations.

Traffic Management Spotlight ( TMC ) Polda Metro Jaya Ditlantas noted, proficient are three demonstrations of the disparate elements of society which will perform pledged prerogative Central Jakarta and South Jakarta.

The inaugural pageant at 09. 00 - 12. 00 WIB reputation the Commission Office, HR Rasuna Said road, the Attorney General ' s office dominion Monarch Hasanuddin approach, and issue to the Layout Palace at Jalan Merdeka, Merdeka Utara, Internal Jakarta.

Fix appendage, demonstrations consign besides exemplify susceptive prominence array of Police Headquarters importance Trunojoyo road, South Jakarta.

The demonstrators will further typify shifted to the Indonesia Stock Exchange Home plate clout Jenderal Sudirman road, South Jakarta, at 13: 00 pm.

Fundamentally, rallies will symbolize important will steward answerable at 13: 30 pm at the Home Flat parliament, Gatot Subroto road, South Jakarta.

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