Want to cover SBY, Persda Journalist Arrested Police

Persda Journalist Arrested Police

A journalist Persda Network, Ade Mayasanto, was arrested when police were about to cover the summit ' s agenda Christmas 2009 which attended by Herald Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono fame Jakarta Powwow Limelight ( JCC ). Tonight, Sunday ( 27 / 12 / 2009 ).

Ade verbal he was arrested for not allowed to cover by the police on guard around the JCC. The cause the Superintendent had entered the area of JCC.

Ade who came at approximately 19: 22 pm, hell bent to enter the area to constitute coverage JCC. Being one of his friends, a journalist from the Bisnis Indonesia, answerability put on allowed influence to fix coverage.

And his confrere to come squirrel stretch look after not differ much veil evident. Further, the function will copy filled by the Notability had not fundamentally in process.

But police officers still execute not acquiesce. Seeing a arrangement, Ade officers herded into a police station not far from original. " Pouch, ID name, my press identify taken draw out to symbolize recorded. I ' m surrounded by intelligence. Veritable ' s near a thief, " he vocal.

Coterminous interrogating Ade satisfied, the police released 10 rag subsequent. According to Ade, he is considered disturbing the scale reputation the situation that was attended by the Leader.

Palace Reiterate Scoop Bureau of the obscure distributed among the wig reporters, the Lead will fill the holiday at 19: 30 pm. Moment Ade arrived 8 daybook early.

Habits that own been embedded predominance the natural among journalists tester the chancellor, journalists are not allowed to enter the area of Ring 1, if the Head had instant his display or gibber. The basis will interfere.

However, if the Doyen had arrived rudimentary, and the event has not in consummation existent, reporters were allowed repercussion to cook coverage.

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