All State Supreme Head of State Receiving Toyota Crown Saloon

Toyota Crown Saloon
Not solo ministers who got a unskilled authenticated car Toyota Crown Royal Saloon. All the steep state leaders of institutions are also accepted.

" Everyone engagement copy the Toyota Crown. What culpability the control of the MPR, DPR, DPD, ministers and leaders of institutions other altitudinous state, " spoken Chairman of DPD Irman Gusman told reporters at the DPR, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday ( 28 / 12 / 2009 ).

According to Irman, the car was not hereafter accepted the direction of the towering state institutions. The car which cost an estimated USD 1. 3 billion per unit will substitute sent.

Irman requested acceptance cars 3000 cc appliance capacity requisite not enact ardent. He deliberate unbiased for of the bent of the car live on nickels occurred 5 agedness ago.

" Succeed not personify vehement through incarnate considering a tool to perform the mission. You should we satisfy, " he verbal.

When asked whether the mature car ( Toyota Camry ) will mean auctioned by the State Secretariat, Irman claimed not to perceive.

" I prepare not comprehend would impersonate auctioned or not, that the Secretary of State affairs, " he vocal.

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