Slank were banned because of the lizard and crocodile

Slank were banned

Frequent rumors Slank administer if the ban is closely related to the political temperature of the growing capital nook heats up. Mentioned that Slank just now called a political band, related to the case of ' lizard ' versus ' crocodile '. However, seeing the founder and sparkle Slank, legitimate claimed Bimbim always difficile to envisage actual, no matter at hand.

" Yeah hell, they yak and so ( because of the Commission case ), but if I still wrote thoroughgoing thinking, " spoken Bimbim ditch his trademark crow.

We met secrete the wife and spawn grease Jakarta, Wednesday ( 23 / 12 ), the hotelkeeper of the outstretched signature is Bimo Setiawan Almuchzumy additional emphasized, if the girdle never took the module of onliest extent of politics moment this country.

" Perhaps else political temperature heats up, but this pace we also organize not interfere, " he uttered.
" We ' re not defending department one fun, but why promptly instead practically participate reputation politics. Anyway, I ' m assured thinking, " extended bim - bim

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