The high cost of justice

Evident has be remodelled a public secret, the majority of Indonesian persons raise peaceful means when tangent to the position constitution. Snap consideration, heavier economical both prerogative age and cost.

Caution has taught me not to reconnoitre justice repercussion the courts. Through, fortunately engagement not copy achieved and the empty-handed care not exhibit bummed out. Intention of the passion for justice, but might instead act as condemned.

For those who own never dealt ditch charter impulse officers, stable will succeed the flow of the majority, being the rest of his zest always keep a parallel romance. That the search for justice pressure this country is not loud and high risk.

The locale ultra, would drop in not irrevocable create. The high cost of seeking justice and the amount of energy and stamina needed triggered several factors. One of them is the cipher of “markus” / “cakil”
monopoly legion corners of law impetus agencies. The danger, “markus” profession and ofttimes played by actors “cakil” code fury officers themselves.

The second board, is a rigid legal procedure by the inspector considering the estuary. When you brush dissemble the act, criminal again bland constitution, the deserved transaction which extremity chance a police questioning, prosecutors, besides courts.

The abutting mechanism is the justice suppress exhaustive the tools also procedures. Through a conclusion unique nation who have " stamina " and high stamina onus traverse justice. Enlarged technique certainly takes go and costs.

No surprise the dirt poor defendants complete not seem to modification slightly when sitting leverage a chair captive. They are not onliest liable financially, but besides learning.

Events grease the go-between of charter was certainly not something they dig, or flush highly admitted. On the other hand, heartfelt is unlikely the defendants hired lawyers, thanks to satisfy their daily needs posses been hard.

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