Greater Boediono errors from Robert Tantular

Economist and former particle of "DPR" Drajad Wibowo, consult Boediono thinking about a great role repercussion bailout funds disbursement Century Bank. Accordingly, Drajad scrutinize Boediono errors larger than the former landlord of Century Bank Robert Tantular.

" For the gain of penalty committal produce censurable Boediono. Boediono error greater than Tantular Robert, Robert ' s fair-minded robbed turn Boediono execute state loot, " he verbal abutting take the outcome of the Chairman of the PAN candidate, prestige Makassar, on Saturday ( 26 / 12 / 2009 ).

Drajad could again carp the want of deepening of the Rare Committee Rights Pop quiz Century when Boediono and former Exec of Bank Indonesia Burhanuddin Abdullah questioned.

" The substance of the questions have not more useful by the first committee members. Answer Burhanuddin, especially Boediono, longing to betoken pursued further, " he oral.

If firm was done, further looked toward candidate is chairman of PAN, veritable would exemplify unmasked and spacious the case to know what is and is not known when a declaration Boediono delivery bailout for Century Bank.

Boediono role fix this event Drajat votes greater than Burhanuddin Abdullah. If Burhanuddin matchless four years money prison for BLBI case, he questioned why evident does not profit by to Boediono. " Forasmuch as original ' s not unbiased if Boediono not punished bout he was maturity more, " explained Drajad.

As an economist, Drajad further admitted the best committee on call to grant wisdom owing to an expert witness.

" Hopefully what I obtain to conjecture will impersonate sharpening this situation and gem out who utterly incumbent wherefore that penalty amenability actually represent enforced, " he complete.

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