Presidential Security Forces and Vice President around Budiyono in committee meetings

Presidential Security Forces
Vice President Boediono to testify before the Special Committee related flushing Questionnaire Century bailout (bail out) to the Bank Century. Although Boediono checked with the capacity of the former Governor of Bank Indonesia, the security protocol for the Vice President remain to be done.

Monitoring VIVAnews, Tuesday, December 22, 2009, dozens (Presidential Security Forces and Vice-President) and the protocol seemed to come in the conference room.

Four (security forces of President and Vice President) sits in the corner right and left while the number of protocol and aides seated behind Boediono.

Three people (security forces of President and Vice President) also sat in the back Boediono.
Not only around Boediono, (security forces of President and Vice President) were also seen guarding the newsroom.

Other security, a metal detector equipment was installed in the front door of the committee meeting. Everyone who went through it must be checked one by one.

Sumber : VIVAnews

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