Free Files Hosting Solution

Free Files Hosting Solution - There is billions of website that offer you free files hosting, yes they are free for real, but some of them have a lot of requirements and regulations. But some of them are worthwhile to be trusted to save your important files. I have found a great free files hosting site that I think will meet my demand, and I will share it with you.
The name is Miss Upload, you can find it at, they offer a great file uploadfile sharing website, you will get $0,1 whenever your files larger than 5Mb are downloaded, and the money will be transferred to your paypal whenever it reaches more than $10.

With this free upload service, I think problems like having not enough storage spaces at the hard disk will be no more, you can upload it to this website and whenever you need it you can download it again, and you will also be happy to be able to share with the others and get paid for doing that. Interested? Just go there and sign up for free. service, you can upload files up to 100GB, and your file will be there for forever. Don’t stop there, you may also earn money from uploading to this.

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