Indonesian Music Legend

Iwan Fals
Iwan Fals talk about is talk about a figure both of them have not been there in the music Matt soil water. People like it because it is not lifestyle, face shape, or even his vocal technique that extraordinary. Conversely, Iwan Fals, is a figure that is very sketchy (we are handsome), is, and not a vocal school graduates anywhere. He started his career really from the bottom.

Things that I admire from Iwan Fals is charisma. It also appears by itself and not illusory. Singer Indonesia which have fans, fans who came from various circles at a time? Even their age are also very varied, from the start with the contemporary Iwan Fals, until out. Similarly social status, not even a few fans from the parents that are older than Fals. Then what is actually owned by Iwan Fals, so he has such a big name in this, even not only in Indonesia, for example, in Japan, Malaysia and other neighboring countries, the name of Iwan Fals is quite famous.
  1. Honesty, the attitudes revealed in the day-to-day and especially the lyrics, the lyrics of play. And honesty that this has become a strength of the lyrics from the song lyrics, Iwan Fals. And the consequences of honesty is also often the first to make Iwan deal with the security apparatus, when the track-regarded players' they 'or even create a red ear authorities.
  2. Kharismatik. This is indeed a gift from God. People can not guess that they themselves have the charisma invisible. Behind the attitude that is, Ian Fals have the charisma that makes people linger and observe.
  3. Simple. Have you appear to see Iwan Fals' getting 'and modis? From the first, he is a delight costumes jeans and t-shirt.
  4. No arogan. He can chat with friends as relaxed operation.
  5. Of course, there are many other things that make Iwan Fals like this now. he is a hero for the small community, he Fight for the people through song-play records with social criticism. Examples are phenomenal song Oemar Bakri. At that time, which is what the theme is? Bento or through a song that is very critical.

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