Blog Award from ZIE

Blog Award

I have the award from Mba Zie, what should I do, I'm brain dead at this time, but this award should immediately gather in ... if not I will fast in the law.

Have a true friend more precious than a thousand of them are selfish.
Blog Award
What's natural for the friends sometimes exhausting and thorn, but that friendship has created a beautiful score. In a few short, but true friendship can overcome the temptation to grow even with so... Friendship is colored with different experiences of love and grief, entertained, accountability moment, be heard, ignored, assisted, declined, but all this was never done with the goal of hatred. A friend will not hide the mistakes to avoid conflict, precisely because they love it presume the reprimand.

I continue awards bonds of friendship to my friends, hopefully we continue to sprout friendship, and I continue this award to the new friends in the moment, and the blogger addicter, including:
  1. seenthing: My best teacher
  2. airpowerforces
  3. afifamru
  4. anangss
  5. anangku
  6. blogendeng
  7. budi-hartanto
  8. ekspresi-diri
  9. indonesiadua
  10. irma14
  11. kristinadiansafitry
  12. kisah-fatamorgana
  13. slikers

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