Louis Vuitton is your life style

Louis Vuitton is your life style - His name is short, Bag. He is one of the works of human civilization in the form of a closed container that can be taken away. No one knows exactly when the bag is created; it is not specifically listed in a particular literature. Since ancient times, the bag was used, although still very simple form, which resembles a wicker basket.
Following the times, the bag model are vary widely. Bag that can be worn on the back called a pack. A large bag containing clothes called suitcase. Bag strapped to his waist, called a waist bag. Equipment bag for carrying school children called school bags.. There is also a regular briefcase used by employees of the company. Box-shaped bag which is usually used by women to bring beauty equipment, called beauty bag. Even the using of bag customized with items in it, like a laptop bag, bag camera or camcorders, and soon. For most women, the bag is a way of life.. Sometimes one person has ten bags even more. Using bag customized with the outfit at the time, or another other event bag.. So no wonder the business of bag is a very lucrative industry. Many women spend a lot of money to buy bags. One of the branded bags which became one of the prides of woman when having it is Louis vuitton.
These branded bags have various kinds of items such as Louis vuitton handbags. Some example of this item are Louis vuitton wallet cross, Louis vuitton taiga, Louis vuitton taiga key and soon. Another item of Louis is Louis vuitton bags such as Louis vuitton Manhattan, Louis vuitton top hanie bang, Louis vuitton cabas mezzo and soon. At last, bags are Accessories which often carried by women. Besides being a place to store things, a bag also make the lady became a stylish look.

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