alexa rank
AlexaRank is a measure of the popularity of a website by comparing a site with all the sites in the Internet network. Alexa rank of this calculation by combining the average - an average visitor per day site and the number of pages a website opened by the visitor. A website that are in the highest level alexa Alexa Rank 1 has become smaller in the sense that the better his Alexa ranking. In other words the reverse order of ranking alexa pagerank.
Usability Alexa rank is not too much different from the pagerank, which is more directed to the online businesses who want to collect sustenance via the Internet. Because the places to make money on the internet like text link ads, Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe, a web-Ask2Link and other money-producing web makes alexa rank as one of the benchmarks. Alexa rank, the better you get, the better your blog is also in the eyes or the advertisers who want to install adverstiser advertising, means more dollars will be easier to get into your pocket.

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