Fate of our Teachers

When talking about "Teachers", I am so sad. How not, a Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono can become president because of teachers, a Jusuf Kala can be a vice president of the teachers, and all those who become ministers and other officials, because the teachers. But teachers' welfare is much lower than those mentioned above.

It is strange in our education. In their hands, we entrust the quality of our children so that future generations can become a nation of good, but the welfare of their far from adequate. Dozens of years, they do not have any. So not surprisingly, if there is a teacher so motorcycle taxi, and scavengers.
Nasib seorang guru
You can not believe the picture on the left. but this is the real image of a head of school at one school in West Jakarta. This is sad ... I remember a song Iwan fals "Oemar Bakrie." "40 years so many teachers are so honest hearts" "Professor, Doctor, engineer it. But why teachers' salaries Oemar barie such as the gelding."
Teachers are likely to be destined to suffer life, such as teachers in the song Iwan Fals "Oemar Bakrie".

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