Indonesian Tourism Target

Indonesian Tourism
Culture and Tourism Ministry has revised down its movement immediately after the increase in domestic tourist tourism developments archipelago significantly from year to year.

"We will revise those targets and will recalculate the Central Bureau of Statistics," said Secretary of Director General of Marketing, Noviendi Makalam, in Jakarta, Friday (8 / 10).
He said the revision would be done in terms of target as it is considered no longer suitable with current developments. Noviendi Makalam add, target movement nationwide tour until 2014 still using the assumptions of economic growth in the period 2004-2008.

"At first we use data 2004-2008, but it turns out the development of tourism in the archipelago of 1.5 percent," he explains.

It will be holding a number of relevant agencies, to recalculate the target, given the assumption that has been used is the assumption of data that is no longer up to date.
In 2010, it set a target of 225 million tourist movement archipelago with spending averaging $ 40 / person / trip. Until now, targets have been achieved around more than 80 percent, so that until the close of this year the target is expected to be exceeded.

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