whether there is in this country leaders who do not want to lead?

Sayyidina Umar when he was a leader of the first utterance of the mouth is the sentence "Innalillahi". Not "Alhamdulillah." Because he already imagine how the responsibilities and tasks that are already awaiting him. He must show by the citizens, residents may not have the hunger, less education, less health care. There is only one that displaced residents, Sayyidina Umar ra already imagine what that will be received later in the computation.

Are our leaders so that ...? it only seems to dream alone. Each day there are bum who died, every day many children drop out of school, every day more people die, not happy due to its poor health care, every day people were forced to dispose of waste of money because of traffic jams were trapped, every day, every day, every day...

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