On the Title

Recently many bloggers asking a friend about the title that I take the "Indonesia Crying". In order not to prejudice a bad about this title, now I will explain everything, I take that title!!! but before I apologize if there are words that offend the hearts colleagues ... I take the title of "Indonesia Crying" is not because I hate Indonesia, and not because I hate people of Indonesia. But otherwise, I really love Indonesia, and I love people of Indonesia Frequently asked questions "Why is the title of getting Indonesia Crying?" That's because while I make this blog, I always stripped of disasters in Indonesia, such as the tsunami which hundreds of lives, so the victims of Bali terror bombings, genesis in Poso that make me cringe, the war between students and officials who take the victims, even State officials also take follows Indonesia Crying (Corruption, collusion and nepotism), and many more things that make Indonesia Crying ...

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