5.4 Skala Richter earthquake shook the Tasikmalaya

Earthquake again rocked Indonesia
Earthquake with magnitude 5.4 SR rocked Tasikmalaya, West Java, at 07.25 pm. But no tsunami potential. Sunday (10 / 1).

As the site's meteorological agency climatology and geophysics, the central magnitude 5.4 earthquake occurred on SR 84 kilometers southwest of Tasikmalaya in West Java, 125 kilometers southwest of Cilacap in Central Java, or 288 kilometers southeast of the capital Jakarta with a depth of 14 kilometers the sea.

Two days ago (8 / 1), an earthquake with the same force also occurred in Ternate in North Maluku with a depth of 163 km. BMKG noted, in early 2010 an earthquake of this happens as much as 7 times the incident.

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